Split systems

Ducted systems

We offer a range of ducted air conditioning solutions for homes and commercial buildings. Consisting of an outdoor unit and a concealed indoor unit, a ducted system delivers air through ducting pipes, usually in the ceiling, into each room via vents in the ceiling. A ducted air conditioner will provide years of comfort for the whole family, and it will add value to your home, as ducted air conditioning is a highly desirable feature for home buyers. With both cooling in summer and heating in winter, ducted air conditioning provides year round comfort.


With over 32 years plus of experience Gary and his team of technicians are highly trained to provided any installation, fault finding, maintenance and servicing for your domestic, commercial or rural refrigeration requirements.

We service

 Coldroom and freezer rooms

 Hotel/motels/clubs

 Butcher and fruit and vegetable shops

 Café and restuarants

 Bulk milk vats

 Caravan fridges and air conditioners

 12volt portage fridges/freezers

Warranty Agencies

Albrecht Refrigeration and Air Conditioning are service agents for many well know brands.

 Electrolux products

 LG

 Panasonic

 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

 Engel